Hey! It's Elliott.

I travel and take photos for a living. I’ve been attacked by a Yak, hiked volcanoes, bathed elephants, played basketball with monks, and almost got arrested in multiple countries… and that’s kinda normal for me! I’m all about experiencing life to the fullest and telling stories, which ends up making my life crazier than it really needs to be (but SO worth it).

I am a 22-year-old freelance photographer and videographer from Ontario, Canada. Ever since my first trip abroad, I have fallen in love with capturing emotions through my lens and experiencing different cultures around the world.

You know that feeling when you find something amazing and you just HAVE to tell your friends? That’s basically me. The world is just too beautiful not to share, and I feel that it is my moral obligation to motivate people to get out and see the world. Experience life-changing events. Meet people. I aspire to inspire people through my social media to go live it big.

So how did it all start? Well, it came to my attention that many of my friends were afraid of solo travel, and/or believe that travelling is dangerous/expensive. I studied photography and had traveled quite a bit, so I decided to document my trips and share them. Eventually, people started sharing my content and I realized that there are so many people who want to travel, but have been discouraged.

And thus I began to share all of my experiences and take my followers everywhere: from the crazy adventures, people I meet, awkward moments, complications, to exhilarating experiences (like skydiving) and indulging in different cultures…and I do it with full transparency. So if you’re just joining me for the first time, welcome! I’m glad you’ve come along for the ride. Thanks for visiting!