Classic Collection

the CLASSIC collection

The classic collection includes the presets that I use for my travel adventure photographs. This is the perfect set for those who are starting in travel adventure photography, and are looking for a soft, colorful look with balanced tones.

The classic collection includes:

  • 8 of my most used travel Lightroom presets

  • Compatible with Lightroom 4 - CC 2018, and on mobile

  • How-to guide PDF ( video tutorial coming soon)

  • Works with RAWs and JPEGs

  • Covers a variety of environments, and includes pre-made filters

Note: Presets are not always one-click solutions. To get the best out of my presets, please read the included guide in entirety. These presets work best for landscape and adventure photography. This digital purchase is final sale and is in USD.

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Morning Coffee.jpg

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee is made for those morning vibes where the sky is still cool, but the sunlight makes it feel warm. It features soft natural blues, and comes with radial filters adjustable to get that sunlight glow.

Beach Bum.jpg

Beach Bum

The Beach Bum preset is made specifically to bring out the aquas and blues out of the water, making everyone who looks at your photo jealous. Best used with a polarizer, and works for mid-day shots.



My go-to preset for sunrise photos. Cotton Candy Skies is focused on accentuating the warm tones to give it that sunrise fantasy look, as well as softening the photo for extra effect.

Autumn Preset LWE


Autumn is a moody, warm preset that helps create a extremely soft fall vibe. It focuses on highlighting the reds and orange tones while adding fade to the darks.

Lush Greens.jpg


Lush Greens focuses on bringing out the vibrant warm tones out of the greens, giving it a tropical vibe. It is best used for warm photos, especially rice terraces and jungles with light rays.



Alpenglow is made to help accentuate the orange and red tones in photos taken during the blue hour. It’s a more subtle preset, but the smallest pops of warm tones in a cool photo makes the biggest difference.

Rain Forest Preset LWE


Rain forest features a more desaturated, cool look, while retaining the greens. Works well with moody shots in rain forests or waterfalls.



This preset helps bring out the orange tones out from the alpenglow, lifts shadows, and brings out the warm tones while keeping the shot cool. Alpenglow is best paired with shots taken during blue hour.